Top 4 Results: Messing With Fate

Well, well, well. This season has been a disappointment so far, but at least it’ll give us one thing. This is as intriguing a top three as we’ll ever see. It’s a relatively even one. There are three possible finale combinations… and you can make a possible argument for each of them. Angie has as formidable a fanbase as you’ll get. Candice is a fabulous vocal talent. Kree is a pretty good country singer, and you ignore the country vote on Idol at your peril.

What about Amber? She followed in the footsteps of so many young female singers on Idol: vocally talented, but incapable of singing with emotion and feeling. This is such a common problem that I don’t know why would-be Idol contestants haven’t learned. Good looks and good pipes will get you only so far. It will get you very far, but only so far. Against a field that has both vocal talent and experience in spades… Amber had a difficult task before her, and was never really in the same league as the top three.

This is the part where I should welcome the epic clash of singers that is the top three. Nothing is left to chance or on the table. The contestants can smell the finale and lay it all on the line. It should be a good episode.

And yet, somehow, in defiance of more than a decade of Idol tradition, the producers found a way to muck it up. This tweet from @TheIdolPad crossed my Twitter client not long after the results were read:

Ponder, for just a moment, what that means. This means that, for the first time in Idol history (as far as I can remember), contestants will enter a voting week having zero say in what they’ll be singing. None. Doing it on any voting week is bad enough. Doing so on the top three week – which my friends at What Not to Sing consider as truly must-see TV – is downright unacceptable. They might as well not count the votes anymore. It’s as close to rigging as you can get without engaging in vote-counting shenanigans a third-world tinpot dictator would be proud of.

Let’s face it: just two weeks removed from the most divorced from reality week in Idol history, we will have another travesty of an episode. The entire audience might only have one word for everyone associated with Idol by the time the episode is done: dracarys. Jimmy Iovine’s picks are uneven, at best. The “judges’s” and “producers’s” picks – which might as well be the same thing, really – anyone remember a certain song about penguins? Or Jessica Sanchez being asked to sing as age-inappropriate a ballad as you can imagine? I could go on and on, but I won’t belabor the point. It is an unbelievably arrogant or clueless decision on the part of the Idol PTB. You decide which is worse.

Instead of welcoming the top three, I am dreading next week. An entire two-hour show, with judging – and song choices – designed not to entertain, but to pimp and bus contestants. One of the judges – probably Randy – is bound to complain about “song choice” on a night when there was none. The reputation of this season is already in the mud. The first rule of holes is: if you’re in one, stop digging. It’s a lesson that the Idol producers have yet to learn – and this lesson is going to hurt. Anyone seen the ratings?

6 Responses to “Top 4 Results: Messing With Fate”

  1. Idol leaver says:

    Their pet angie aka Cassidy Pope will win. I wanted a guy in the final 3 for some diversity but the ones chosen from auditions had a purpose to fill. They were slated to all be eliminated and so it was with the choices they gave voters.

    • strongly agree with Idol leaver and Idol Guy.

    • strongly agree with Idol leaver and Idol Guy.
      Can’t forget the song chosen for Clay – Starry Night. Yes he could sing it well but that song was so dreary and did not gain him votes.
      Big problem besides the producer pimping is their decision to have 4 judges by adding Nikki who adds more problems than help to the whole mess.

  2. Sue says:

    It gets even worse. Often many of these songs are retreads. The producer and Jimmy definitely have preferred contestants.

    But the real crapshoot is the judge’s choice. In the past, we’ve seen a judge like Simon go out of his way to clear a terrific song for Adam and to help coach him. Other judges have chosen songs more on autopilot and have not provided the coaching. The skill set of the coach and his or her desire to see a contestant succeed or fail can be all important.

    It gets even weirder because of the rancor between Mariah and Nicki. For example, if Nicki got Candice, would Nicki sabotage her because Mariah has always seen Candice’s talent?

  3. Landon says:

    The producer choices are always the absolute worst. Ugh.

  4. victoria says:

    And just to throw salt in the wound, this top three has generally done really well in picking songs for themselves when they’ve not been heavily theme-restricted.

    I’d wager that they won’t allow a free choice in the finals either — they’ll mandate a reprise and then do a producer’s choice and the original song.